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Business Verticals

Explore our business verticals

Navigating the spectrum of our expertise.

Delve into the diverse world of International Resources Holding (IRH) as we present our various business verticals. Each vertical embodies a unique aspect of our dedication to conscientious resource management and exceptional pursuits in the field of minerals. Uncover the vast scope of our activities and the significant contributions we make to every sector.

We are dedicated to:

Continuously explore and harness mineral resourceswhile prioritizing environmental preservation and sustainability.
Facilitate the efficient transfer of resources from the exploration phase to the market, guaranteeing prompt delivery and cost-efficiency.
We strive to uphold unwavering quality standards throughout the mining and processing phases in order to provide our esteemed customers with top-notch products.
We strive to lead the industry by continuously driving innovation in technology, processes, and sustainable practices.
We aim to augment the value addition within the regions where we operate, thereby promoting economic development and empowering local communities.
Expand our presence across Africa and beyond, leveraging our expertise to create positive impacts on a global scale.
Committed to maintaining the utmost ethical and corporate governance standards, and actively participating in social responsibility endeavors that contribute to the betterment of the communities in which we conduct our operations.
Endeavor to achieve the highest standards of performance in every facet of our operations, cultivating an environment that promotes continuous learning and advancement. With steadfast commitment to our mission, our objective is to make a meaningful contribution to the long-term growth and sustainability of the global Metals and Mining industry, while establishing a lasting heritage of responsible resource management and value generation for future generations.

Each vertical signifies a separate aspect of our dedication to the responsible management of resources and the pursuit of excellence in mineral-related endeavors.

IRH Verticals

Unveiling IRH's multifaceted business verticals

Step into the dynamic realm of International Resources Holding (IRH) and explore our multifarious business verticals.

Every sector exemplifies our commitment to sustainable resource management and our profound expertise in minerals. Delve into the intricacies of our diverse ventures and discover how we contribute to these industries through groundbreaking innovation, responsibility, and unparalleled excellence.

IRH Geo & Tech

Elevating resource exploration and consulting

Team IRH is highly experienced in conducting mineral exploration from greenfield exploration, through brownfield, to resource definition drilling. Our advanced exploration techniques help reduce exploration cost, while aiding informed decision-making to minimize the risk on investments.

Geology and technology are crucial in mining operations as they provide the foundation for identifying, evaluating, and extracting mineral resources.

The key aspects of geology operations we undertake include exploration and prospecting, geological mapping and modelling, resource estimation, structural geology, and geochemistry. Contribution to feasibility studies by providing geological input to assess the economic viability of mining projects. IRH Geo & Tech contributes to feasibility studies by providing the geological information for assessing the economic viability of mining projects.

IRH Mining

Unleashing mineral wealth through expertise

Our mining operations encompass a series of activities involved in the extraction of valuable minerals and other geological materials from the Earth. At IRH Mining, we undertake mine planning and design and comply with the relevant environmental and safety regulatory requirements.

IRH Mining undertakes mine planning and design, permitting and regulatory compliance, mining operations, mineral processing, environmental, health and safety management. We proactively engage with local communities to address their concerns, provide employment opportunities, and contribute to community development. Our continuous monitoring of mining conditions enables us to timely identify changes or challenges, and optimize operations for efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and sustainability. Our operational efficiency and safety standards are further enhanced by the integration of cutting-edge technologies including automation, data analytics, and remote sensing.

IRH Refinery

Transforming raw gold into global standards

We process the raw materials extracted from the mining operations to obtain refined products. We possess the capabilities for various refining methods, ranging from mineral processing, metallurgical refining, smelting and precious metal refining.

From crushing and grinding the ore particles to applying various separation techniques and drying, we extract valuable minerals from mined ore. IRH Mining also undertakes smelting, refining, and casting to extract and refine metals from raw ores. With the ability and facilities to refine precious metals, IRH Refinery has the technical knowledge and expertise for a wide range of refining processes, depending on the nature of the minerals being extracted. We also consider the market demands and environmental imperatives in deciding our refining methods, which are critical in our overall mining process and our mine-to-market model for transforming raw minerals and materials into refined products ready for market distribution.

IRH Trading

A trusted partner in precious minerals trade

We buy and sell metal commodities, enabling the natural resources we extract and process to reach the end-users. To appreciate the market trends for specific metals, we research and monitor the global supply and demand dynamics and undertake historical and current price trend analysis to remain adaptable and enable informed trading decisions.

IRH Trading is involved in analysing the metal market and its pricing mechanisms, managing market risk, executing trades, and ensuring the appropriate logistics and transportation of traded metals. Our quality assurance inspections and testing procedures verify that the metals we trade meet the specified standards and contractual requirements. We adhere to the environmental, social, and ethical standards of the relevant mining and trading practices and stay compliant with all the international and local regulations governing metal trading.